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Video Transcripts:
Writing for Social Change: With Dr. Catherine Kelly

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

Writing for Social Change: With Dr. Catherine Kelly

Visual: Video opens to the opening title with the video series title, Faculty Voices: Walden Talks Writing, then the title, “How have you experienced the connection between writing and social change? with Dr. Catherine Kelly.”


Visual: The screen changes to show each speaker talking to the camera in their home offices. Each person’s name and college is listed as they speak.


Dr. Catherine Kelly, Office of Academic Support: So writing is a form of communication, so through writing students can critically engage with the topic, can present arguments, can advocate for positive social change. So through writing students can contribute their voice in a way that can positively transform their field and their community.

And I believe that social change is an important factor in terms of scholarly writing because it shows the need to address certain areas, the need to increase understanding in certain areas. And I believe it sets the stage for change in the work place. So if academic writing in terms of scholarly research shows that there's certain ways that the language is shaping public perception um, then it can be put into practice and journalists can think about, hey maybe we should be more aware of the certain words and language that we use. And, this, this does go on in the journalism field like in terms of policy and in ways language is used.

As a student my research focused on increasing awareness and understanding of media portrayals. With my dissertation especially it addressed the marginalization of multilingual speakers of English in newspaper discourse, and through my research I advocated for the need to increase awareness and understanding about how language can shape and be shaped by public perceptions.


Visual: The video ends with the closing title with the video series title, Faculty Voices: Walden Talks Writing and the Writing Center’s e-mail address: