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OASIS Writing Skills

Video Transcripts:
Prewriting Demonstrations: Mindmapping

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

Prewriting Demonstrations: Mindmapping

Last updated 8/29/2018


Audio: Guitar music plays in the background throughout the video.

Visual: The video opens to a blank mindmap and the title Mindmapping Demo. The following direction is given: Start with your paper’s thesis or topic in the middle.

The video shows the author typing the following as the central and first idea in the mindmap: Service learning requirements in university programs.

Another direction is given: Expand on your main idea with main ideas and subtopics, adding ideas as you think of them.

The video shows a sped-up time lapse of the author adding additional topics and ideas to their mindmap.

Another direction is given: The focus now is brainstorming. You might decide to delete or re-organize ideas later.

The video shows the author continuing to add topics and ideas to their mindmap.

Another direction is given: If you’d like, you can also include information from research, but there’s no need to get too specific yet.

Once the author stops typing, the following direction is given: Continue until you feel satisfied. Once you’re done, be sure to save/print your mindmap so you can use it to write!


Audio/Visual: The video’s music and visual fades out.