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Video Transcripts

APA Formatting & Style: Seriation

Last updated 4/27/2016


Visual: Walden logo at bottom of screen along with notepad and pencil background.

Audio: Guitar music.


Visual: “Walden University Writing Center. Your writing, grammar, and APA experts,” appears in center of screen. Background changes to another notebook on a table, with a person sitting behind it, and a bright blue box with the words: APA Formatting & Style: Seriation (Lists).

Slide changes to a mostly gray slide with three white boxes with brown check marks next to them in the center and a header that reads: Seriation.

The first white box reads:

Seriated lists:

A survey should include (a) clear wording, (b) convenient access, and (c) concise directions.

The second white box reads:

Numbers: Particular order.

When collecting data I will

  1. Develop the survey questions,
  2. Send out the survey link to the participants, and
  3. Gather the data after 1 month.

The third box reads:

A survey should include

  • Clear wording to avoid confusion
  • Convenient access so participants can easily respond; and
  • Concise directions that do not overwhelm participants.


Audio: Another way that you can signal to your reader, or to direct your reader’s focus, is through lists. Lists in the text can be really useful, especially if you have a lot of information and you think your reader can get lost if it’s all just bunched together. So there are several different ways that you can indicate a list to your reader.

The first way is if it’s in a paragraph. So if you’re not going to break everything out and add line breaks and have a vertical list, if you just want to keep it running with the same paragraph, the way you would indicate a list is with lowercase letters in parentheses. So if it’s in the paragraph, you would not use numbers. If it’s in the paragraph, you always use lowercase letters in parentheses.

If you want to add emphasis and you don’t want all the elements in the list to just appear in the same paragraph, you can use bullets or numbers. So in the paragraph, lowercase letters; vertical lists, bullets or numbers. And you shouldn’t use bullets and numbers interchangeably. So only use numbers if the order in the list matters. If Number 1 in the list has to come before Number 2, then you would use numbers. If order doesn’t matter and it’s just kind of the order you happen to write them down but they could be interchanged or moved around to be in a different order, but you still want to emphasize it in a vertical list, you would use bullet points. Those are the main things to keep in mind.