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Intro to Form and Style Review: Walden Capstone Writing Community


Many doctoral students find the writing process isolating once they are no longer working in a formal class setting alongside their peers. For that reason, the Writing Center offers community events exclusively for Walden doctoral students who want more opportunities to connect with colleagues and get support through the doctoral writing process from Walden’s form and style editors.

If you are interested in joining the Walden Capstone Writing Community (WCWC), please take a moment to fill out this brief survey: Walden Capstone Writing Community survey.

For more information, please contact the community administrator at

Note: As part of the capstone community, your name will appear as you participate in the community environment. If you choose to attend a capstone community live document review or editor event in Adobe Connect, your first name may be displayed to other seminar attendees and moderators. Your participation in the capstone community, as well as your attendance in live document reviews or editor events and seminars, exhibits explicit agreement to the display of your first name to other attendees and moderators. (If you have any concerns about this or do not want your first name displayed during live document reviews or editor events, contact

The Writing Center and Walden University are not responsible for content posted in the WCWC by nonstaff members. Students are free to make recommendations to one another for outside editing services, but these services do not have the endorsement of Walden University or its support centers. Community policy prohibits direct advertisement or solicitation for an individual member’s paid editing services. For more information, see our Tips on Hiring an Outside Editor.