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Walden Capstone Writing Collaborative: Communication and Connections

Communication and Connections

Editors can offer advice on writing the capstone through our webpages, resources, webinars, as well as residency and intensive presentations. Being part of a writing community means connecting with peers and other scholars. Here are some suggestions for how to communicate and connect with peers and committee members.

Tips for Connecting With Other Students

  • Post regularly in the classroom, asking questions about capstone content or development.
  • Post updates and share resources with peers; remember, all students must to write the introduction, literature review, etc. Students can share information, advice, and resources on writing the capstone.
  • If a peer is in a related topic area, that is extra helpful. Discuss the literature and share resources.
  • Consider asking peers in your classroom to post small parts of the document (e.g., the instruction pages). Read each other’s’ section and post some thoughtful feedback in the classroom.

Tips for Interacting With the Committee Chair

  • Remember, the chair is the project manager of the committee.
  • Ask the chair about processes and requirements as needed.
  • Discuss the feedback process with the chair, including what steps to use to implement feedback using track changes, comments, highlighting when making changes.
  • Work with the chair to implement feedback from the second member and URR.
  • Work with the chair to implement any feedback from the Writing Center (including Chapter Edits and the Form and Style Review).

Interacting With Other Walden Offices

  • Contact the chair with questions on content, the process, what is the next step in writing.
  • Contact the Student Success Advising Office with questions related to enrollment, registration, course completion, grades, the academic process and requirements, graduation and commencement.
  • Use or contact the Library for help with locating research and sources, as well as accessing course readings.
  • Check resources from the Academic Skills Center for help with MS Word, SPSS, NVivo, math and stats help.
  • Check out SKIL Doctoral Writing Workshops for support in writing the different parts of the capstone.