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Theorists and Theories: Discover Theorists & Theories

A Different Search Process

Finding theorists and their works is a challenging process!  This guide serves to assist you with the exploratory process of identifying theorists, finding what they have published, and acquiring it.

Discover Theorists through Encyclopedias & Reference Books

Reference materials are a great discovery tool for identifying theorists and theories. You can either search or browse our entire SAGE encyclopedia collection:


Or, the following titles contain a variety of information that can be used to extract and explore theorists and theories:


Use the Reader's Guide, Table of Contents, or Index to find information on Theories and Theorists. Or search the collection or individual title for a topic or theory.

Citing Caution!
Reference sources (including encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and most websites) are not sources to be cited in your bibliography. They are discovery tools to help you build a foundation of knowledge to begin properly searching for the materials you need for that bibliography!

Discover Theorists Through Research Articles

Now that you have some ideas on theories and theorists, you can take that information and find related theories and theorists. Research articles and dissertations can provide a gateway for discovery of theorists and theories. Below is a list of recommended databases and demonstrations of how to begin this type of research. ‚Äč

Theorist Search in PsycINFO

(1 min 18 sec) Recorded February 2016