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Programs: PsyD Doctoral Study

PsyD Doctoral Study Resources

Information on the Prospectus is located on the PsyD page of the Office of Research and Doctoral Services website.

To prepare for the form and style review, use the following checklist, which is the same checklist we use when we review capstone manuscripts and the checklist we return to the student and committee along with their completed review.

Doctoral Capstone Template Guidance

To accompany the doctoral capstone template document, here is some information to note when first beginning to use the template.

  • The document may contain various front matter elements (i.e., two title pages, the abstract, a Dedication page, and an Acknowledgements page), a Table of Contents (TOC), Lists of Tables and Figures, the document body text, a References list, and Appendices.
  • Students should ensure that the text in brackets [ ] on the two title pages is changed to reflect their own information and then remove the brackets. This includes the title, name, degrees earned, degree program, and date of anticipated completion.
  • Begin using the template by copying and pasting the text from a working document into the appropriate headings of the template and references to the reference list.

How to tag headings (so that headings show up in the TOC):

  1. Most headings are already placed into the document. Headings students add (i.e., primarily for the literature review and results chapters and sections) should be added by creating a new heading and tagging it so that it appears in the TOC when updated.
  2. Add a heading by first ensuring that the pilcrow [ ¶ ] is turned on—this allows the writer to see hidden formatting in the document that should not be deleted (e.g., page breaks and section breaks).
  3. Add the heading by placing the cursor where the heading should be inserted and creating a hard return.
  4. Then type the text for the heading and highlight it with the cursor, ensuring that you do NOT highlight the pilcrow.
  5. Once the text is highlighted, choose the appropriate APA Style heading from the Styles box on the Home tab. This is called tagging a heading. HINT: The Styles tab may need to be expanded by clicking on the small box with the arrow at the bottom of the Styles section. 

How to update the TOC (to bring in new headings and update page numbers):

  1. Once new headings have been added or text created or inserted such that the page numbers have shifted, the TOC should be updated.
  2. Update the TOC by clicking on it with the cursor so that the section becomes grey.
  3. Then, right click (or control click on a Mac) and choose “Update field.”
  4. Depending on whether headings or just text has been added, choose “Update entire table” or “Update page numbers only.”

Template and Formatting Resources:

About the Doctoral Study in Behavioral Health Leadership

A doctoral study in Behavioral Health Leadership is a formal manuscript written in partial fulfillment of the PsyD degree. It is a culmination of the student’s academic and applied knowledge, skills, and abilities. Students demonstrate their knowledge by producing an in-depth study of a behavioral health practice issue or problem. The doctoral study consists of five major sections:

  • Section 1a: The Behavioral Health Organization
    • Section1b: Organizational Profile
  • Section 2: Background and Approach—Leadership Strategy and Assessment
  • Section 3: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management Components of the Organization
  • Section 4: Results—Analysis, Implications, and Preparation of Findings
  • Section 5: Recommendations and Conclusions

You can access additional information on the BHL doctoral study process from the PsyD in BHL page on the Office of Student Research Administration tab of the Office of Research and Doctoral Services website. For proposal or doctoral study APA or writing-related questions, contact