Your ASC offers resources, tutorials, and videos on the application of MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a software program that  allows to easily create spreadsheets and use modern formulas to perform calculations.

Excel is available to Walden students through O365.

Sum Formula

Function Tab

Microsoft Excel Help Center

We understand that we may not have all the resources you need. We recommend visiting Microsoft's Excel Help Center for the latest trending topics to premium templates. The Excel Help Center has a wide selection of options to help you achieve your academic goals.
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Excel Terminology

Many of the ribbon functions in Excel are the same as in other Microsoft products. The below PDF will show you tools that are specific to Microsoft Excel.

Excel Terminology and Ribbon Function (PDF)



Charts are a visual display of numerical data. Charts and graphs give the reader an easier way to understand large amounts of data.

Excel Charts Types (PDF)
Excel Adding Charts (PDF)


Pivot Table

Pivot tables allow you to view your data as a summary, allowing you to analyze and present your data in various formats.

Pivot Tables (PDF)



Use the VLOOKUP function when you want to find items in your table. You can also use the VLOOKUP function to pull information from multiple spreadsheets to one spreadsheet.

Using the VLOOKUP Function (PDF)

Microsoft Excel FAQs

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