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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Academic Skills Center:
Self-Care and Wellness

Finding balance, building confidence, and practicing relaxation techniques can help you be successful.
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Self-Care and Finding Balance

June 16, 2022 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm ET

With the busy summer season approaching, practicing self-care is more important than ever. During this interactive event, two Walden peer mentors will explain why taking care of yourself is essential to your success as a student and offer tips for working self-care into your hectic schedules.

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Blog Comment, You're Not Alone!

This post was written for me. I have had the same feeling in my undergraduate and graduate studies. I am glad to see it is an actual thing and not just in my head.

Self-Care Assessment

The form will automatically calculate your score in each category of self-care: physical, psychological/emotional, social, and professional. When you are finished, take note of areas you scored high in, as well as categories in which you scored lower.
Self-Care Assessment (PDF)

Peer Mentor Sherry Wilson shares her top tips for staying motivated. For further reading, Sherry suggests checking out the blog post:
5 Tips for Getting (and Staying) Motivated

Finding Balance

Relaxation Techniques

All the Skills You Need to Succeed.