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Evaluating Resources: Introduction


As you are working on your studies, you will come across many different resources. The goal of this guide is to teach you how to successfully evaluate these resources to determine if they are appropriate for your assignment, project, or research. Specifically, it will cover:

  • identifying various publication types
  • evaluating websites
  • evaluating publication types for appropriateness for scholarly research
  • methods for evaluating resources
  • identifying peer-reviewed sources
  • identifying primary and secondary sources
  • identifying research articles

Evaluating resources webinar series

Video: What is this stuff? Identifying Materials in the Walden Library (YouTube) Note: The reference citations used as examples are in APA 6 style.

Recorded May 2018 (32 min 16 sec). 



Video: The Three Ps of evaluation: Primary vs Secondary, Popular vs Scholarly, and Peer Review

Recorded June 12, 2018 (64 min 55 sec). 



Video: What about stuff I find on the Internet? Knowing when to use and trust what you find on the Internet (YouTube)

Recorded August 2018 (59 min 53 sec)



Video: Right resource, right time: How to evaluate Library materials (YouTube)

Recorded July 2018 (45 min 11 sec)

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