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Important Travel Information

Check the Calendar for your program to view the status of upcoming events.

After you are registered, watch your Walden email for your registration confirmation and event information site.

Welcome to Walden Academic Residencies

Academic residencies, skills labs and pre-practica are virtual and/or in-person learning experiences that align with your online coursework to enhance your skill development, scholarship, and professional practice. These experiences also provide students with the opportunity to collaborate and network with other Walden students, staff, and faculty members.

Residencies, skills labs and pre-practicum events are held virtually throughout the year, and for select degree programs and levels, may be offered in select major cities around the United States. Academic residencies, skills labs and pre-practica are required for most doctoral programs and some master's programs.

Roadmap to Residencies: Doctoral Overview (video)

Walden Academic Residencies: The In-person Experience (video)

At Walden, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. Whether you are attending one of our virtual events or a face-to-face residency, skills lab or pre-practicum, you will benefit from personalized attention and superior student service as we help you achieve your academic goals and satisfy your program requirements.

Roadmap to Residencies: What to Expect - Doctoral (video)

Learn more about planning for and participating in a required or optional Walden residency, skills lab or pre-practicum:

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