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Event Calendar: All Residencies, Pre-Practicum, and Skills Labs

Walden University offers academic residencies at various domestic and international locations. The domestic locations provide an opportunity for students all over the world to travel to the United States. The international residencies promote global citizenship, expand students’ cultural competencies and provide alternative options for accessibility. These residencies are designed to allow students to engage, interact, and connect in diverse environments beyond U.S. domestic locations. Past locations include Barcelona or Madrid, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; London, England; and Paris, France.

Please note: All residency events through May 2020 are open for registration. Events taking place June through August will open in late February. The complete 2021 calendar will be available in August.

Walden's U.S. residencies are typically held in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Minnesota, as well as other select states by program. Please see your program specific calendar for available locations.


Important Travel Information (February 2020):

As always, the safety and security of our Walden community is a top priority and concern for us. For our Walden residencies/labs/intensive retreats, we work with our hotel partners to confirm proper protocols and procedures are being followed at their properties to ensure the safety of our guests. We are also reviewing our own procedures and protocols in case of an emergency or incident on site to ensure they align with the current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), and we will make any adjustments as necessary. In addition, we continue to track the latest travel advisories provided by the CDC regarding regions impacted by a health concern.

We understand some of you may not feel comfortable traveling to or attending a required or optional Walden-sponsored event at this time due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. Due to privacy concerns, Walden cannot share information about other students attending Walden-sponsored events. However, if any student is attending a Walden-sponsored event from one of the countries impacted by the outbreak and has been in that country in the last 21 days, Walden is providing instruction for health monitoring. To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the WHO recommends washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and avoiding close contact with people who have respiratory symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. These tips also help prevent the spread of flu and other illnesses.

If you have already made your travel plans to attend a required residency, skills lab or pre-practicum lab, there are options. While we are unable to waive your residency/lab requirement, we can reschedule you to attend a future residency/lab later in your program or, if you are eligible, a virtual residency (for select programs and levels). Please work with your student success advisor to cancel your registration and/or reschedule you for another. Please refer to the residency/lab cancellation policy for more details. You may also contact Academic Residencies for residency/lab related questions.