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Event Calendar: All Residencies, Pre-Practicum, and Skills Labs

Walden University offers academic residencies at various domestic and international locations. The domestic locations provide an opportunity for students all over the world to travel to the United States. The international residencies promote global citizenship, expand students’ cultural competencies and provide alternative options for accessibility. These residencies are designed to allow students to engage, interact, and connect in diverse environments beyond U.S. domestic locations. Past locations include Barcelona or Madrid, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; London, England; and Paris, France.

Please note: All residency events through June 2021 are open for registration. Events taking place July through September will open for registration in April. Due to COVID-19, we are still finalizing other 2021 event dates.

Please watch your Walden email, your registration confirmation travel and event information site, and Academic Experiences COVID-19 for information and updates about future events. DO NOT make any event travel reservations until directed to do so by Walden!

When we are able to resume travel, Walden's U.S. residencies may be held in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Minnesota, as well as other select states by program. Please see your program specific calendar for available locations.