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Event Calendar: PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership

PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership (BHL) Residencies

This is a list of all scheduled PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership (BHL) residencies.

View the Residency Timing table for information about when to complete the required residencies for the PsyD BHL program.

  • For assistance in determining which residency to register for, please view the details on When to Register.
  • View How to Register for a residency, and then log in to myWalden to register.
    • You will receive a registration confirmation email within two business days after your residency registration is processed. If you do not receive a registration confirmation email, please contact University Events at to request a registration confirmation.
    • DO NOT MAKE ANY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS until you see the course listed in your portal and you have received your registration confirmation email.
  • To drop your residency, please contact Student Success Advising at

Please note: All residency events through December 2021 are open for registration. Due to COVID-19, we are still finalizing other future event dates.

See Capstone Intensive Retreats for the CSI schedule of events.

Waitlisted Events

If your selected residency is waitlisted, contact your Student Success Advisor and request to be placed on the waitlist.

  • Provide a "last date to register" if seating should become available.
  • Registration is NOT guaranteed.
  • If seating becomes available for your selected location, you will be registered for the residency (up to your specified last date) and receive an email from the Registration Team.
  • At that time, you should see the course listed in your myWalden portal and, within a few days, you'll receive your travel and event information / registration confirmation email.
  • DO NOT MAKE ANY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS until you are officially registered AND your selected course appears in your myWalden portal course listing.