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Timing and Requirements: PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership

PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership (BHL) Residency Timing

Residency Required or Optional Timing
Residency 1

Required virtual

Complete residency 1 (DRWI 8504 Consulting Skills Intensive) virtually in term 2 or 3 in order to advance in the program. See Capstone Intensive Retreats for the CSI schedule of events.

Focus: Role play, teamwork, observed integration, consultation process, scenarios and case studies, and assessment skills and instruments.

Residency 2

Required virtual

Complete residency 2 (DRWI 8507 PsyD BHL Doc Project Virtual Residency) virtually in term 4 or 5 in order to advance in the program. See below for information.

Focus: Capstone preparation.

PsyD BHL Virtual Residency Learning Outcomes

The following are key learning outcomes you will be expected to achieve as part of your residency experiences at each level.

Consulting Skills Intensive

PsyD BHL Virtual Residency

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership Doctoral Study requirements.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the Baldridge Excellence Framework.
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the sections of the PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership Doctoral Study.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge on the role of the researcher in case study research.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge on the components of the prospectus.
  6. Complete a prospectus outline for PsyD Behavioral Health Leadership Doctoral Study.

PsyD Virtual Residency Overview

This virtual residency experience provides students in the Behavioral Health Leadership program with knowledge and practice skills necessary to successfully complete their capstone courses, resulting in their Doctoral Study. Students will review the Doctoral Study capstone requirements, the Baldridge Excellence Framework, role of research/researcher, and the elements of the Prospectus. At the end of the residency, an outline of the Prospectus should be submitted to gain credit for the residency. Also, students are expected to submit a summary of their residency journal that documents their virtual residency experience. Participation in all sessions and submission of daily assignments is required in order to obtain credit.

Each day will include a seminar where the chairperson covers selected topic(s). Students will create an outline of the prospectus and also set up times to work individually with the chairperson in scheduled mentoring sessions.

PsyD Virtual Residency Attendance and Schedule


Attendance is required in ALL sessions in order to successfully complete your PsyD BHL doc project virtual residency.


Tentative Schedule

Refer to the Virtual Residency Canvas classroom one week prior to the start of the residency for the final schedule of sessions.

PsyD Virtual Residency Technical Requirements

In addition to the current technical requirements for Walden’s online courses, the virtual residency requires you to have the following:

  • Laptop or desktop computer

    • Students are required to attend all sessions using a laptop or desktop computer (or other device) that enables them to see the screen and have access to download/read curriculum documents. (It is okay to call in on the phone as long as you also have a laptop/desktop to see the screen.)

  • Speakers

    • The virtual residency is designed to be a collaborative learning environment. You do have to use audio functions in order to listen to synchronous sessions.

    • The residency sessions are designed as student-centered, interactive experiences where students are expected to take an active role in learning, contribute to dialogue, and participate fully in large and small group activities.

    • Speaker options include:

      • the computer’s speakers which allows you to listen to computer audio

      • dial in with your phone using Zoom’s call in option to listen

      • an external speaker with USB or AUX attachment or;

      • a headset with USB or AUX attachment

  • Microphone

    • Students are required to have and use microphones to participate in large and small group discussion. (Mics are NOT optional).

    • Microphone options include:

      • the computer’s microphone which allows you to speak into computer microphone

      • dial in with your phone using Zoom’s call in option to speak

      • an external microphone with USB or AUX attachment or;

      • a headset with microphone with USB or AUX attachment

    • The synchronous sessions will have a chat feature that can be used in place of microphone when session leaders are presenting.

  • Webcam

    • Students are required to have and use a webcam.

    • Minimum resolution at 640 x 480 standard definition.

  • High-speed Internet

    • Access to the internet using high speed access (Cable, DSL, Network) is required for all virtual sessions.

    • The suggested speed is 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended).

    • To learn about your internet speed, use as a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. The speed test will test all available bandwidth on your network, but it does not take into account other users on the network that may be using bandwidth at the same time.

  • Zoom web conferencing software

    • You must have the ability to run Zoom software. Go to this website to check your system requirements.


To register for a Consulting Skills Intensive or PsyD BHL doc project virtual residency, log in to myWalden and follow the process for residency registration. For more information, call 1-800-WALDENU (1-800-925-3368).