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Timing and Requirements: DSW

Doctor of Social Work (DSW) Residency Timing

Residency Required or Optional Timing
Residency 1 (RESI 8214) Required

Complete the residency as soon as you begin your program; required before you begin your 2nd research course (RSCH 8210 OR RSCH 8310).

  • Goals: Socialization into Walden, community building, and continued development of clinical skills
  • Components: Orientation, colloquia on professional identity, team building, interviewing and listening skills, and scholarly writing
  • Format: Seminars, small groups, and co-teaching with doctoral-level faculty
  • Focus: Action research methods and skills, teaching and supervision in clinical social work practice, and advanced clinical skills

DSW Residency Learning Outcomes

The following are key learning outcomes you will be expected to achieve as part of your residency experience:

  1. Develop the skills necessary to address social problems and needs of various social groups.
  2. Summarize the role of action research in addressing social problems.
  3. Develop effective prevention and intervention strategies.
  4. Examine the history of the social work profession and its relevance to current practice. 
  5. Critically examine literature related to the etiology of social problems.  
  6. Develop the ability to be an advocacy leader in the social work profession.
  7. Relate cultural factors to clinical social work practice.
  8. Apply social work values and ethics.