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Before Your Residency: Prepare to Learn


Disability Services

Qualified students should contact Walden University's Office of Disability Services at at least 30 days prior to the residency to discuss assistance for the residency. Requests received with less than 30 days’ notice will be honored; however, will be addressed as time allows.  Therefore, necessary accommodations, services, or equipment may not be available by the residency start date.

Accommodations for face-to-face residencies may include:

  • Renting specialized equipment, such as electric scooters and Hoyer Lifts, for transportation from wheelchair to bed or bath.
  • Coordinating arrangements with nearby dialysis centers.
  • Hiring local service providers, such as sight guides, sign language interpreters, or captionists.

Students who do not have documented disabilities but have difficulty walking, asthma, or any other condition that impacts mobility are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services.


Religious Observation

Walden University embodies a culturally and spiritually diverse community, and recognizes that, on occasion, certain members will observe practices that preclude them from attending to their regular duties.

Students who are unable to participate fully in an academic residency on a particular day during the calendared residency dates for reasons of religious observance (e.g., Sabbath, Friday Prayers) must complete the Religious Observance Form and return it to within 3 weeks of the start of the residency.

Walden University makes every effort to provide options for Religious Observation for its students. To avoid possible scheduling conflicts, students are encouraged to review the Residency Calendar carefully. Please note that some residencies are scheduled during weekdays to reduce religious conflicts.


Walden Policy:

If you have religious traditions that may conflict with the requirements of the academic residency (i.e., missing a day of residency), you are required to attend an additional residency to make up for the day(s) missed. There is no charge for the additional residency itself; however, you will be responsible for any associated lodging and travel costs to and for the additional residency site. Please contact Academic Residencies at at least two months in advance of the residency to discuss religious accommodations.


Blackboard Classroom

The residency classroom for your face-to-face residency will be available in Blackboard three weeks prior to the start of the residency. Before you arrive at the residency, you need to access this classroom to complete residency pre-work, review the residency learning outcomes and assignments, and print or save necessary documents.

Log in to your myWalden university portal to access the residency classroom.


Virtual Residency Classroom

Access to the virtual residency classroom will be available in your myWalden university portal one week prior to the start of the residency. Before the start of the residency, you need to access this classroom to complete residency pre-work, review the residency learning outcomes and assignments, and print or save necessary documents.


Venue Classroom

For the purpose of your face-to-face experience, Walden will be utilizing hotel meeting room, convention center and/or hotel suite meeting space as the primary location for your sessions. Due to the layout of the meeting room space, transitioning short distances and/or the use of elevators, stairways or escalators to/from session locations may be required.

In addition, other groups or organizations (private or public, for-profit or non-profit) may be offering an event in meeting spaces adjacent to spaces dedicated for the Walden event. Due to privacy regulations, Walden is not provided other event or group names until arrival at the venue. Walden does not endorse any event, group or organization hosting events in meeting spaces shared with Walden University. Additionally, as you are acting as a representative of Walden University while attending your residency/skills lab/pre-practicum experience, you are expected to comply with standards of professional conduct as specified in the Walden University Student Handbook.

Daily Residency Schedule

The academic residency/skills lab/pre-practicum experience daily schedule is available through a Residency App accessible via smart phones, tablets as well as online via a website link. Daily sessions typically begin around 8 a.m. and last through early evening. The daily schedule will be available in the Residency App two weeks prior to the start of the event. See your residency registration confirmation email for information about accessing the Residency App.

All Walden students, faculty and staff attending academic residencies, skills labs and/or pre-practicum events must adhere to the Walden University Residency App Terms and Conditions. Residency App access is restricted to Walden University students, faculty and staff for personal, educational purposes only.


Complimentary internet access will be available in the meeting space at the residency venue.

Internet in sleeping rooms is complimentary for students staying in the Walden room block at the host venue.

In order to prepare your personal computer or laptop for residency attendance, please make certain you are familiar with the steps to connect to a wireless internet and that you are able to connect wirelessly to another network. Also, be sure your computer is completely charged before attending your first sessions each day of the residency. Recharge stations will also be available for you to charge your computer throughout the day. If you need assistance with your computer while you are attending your residency, please contact the Student Support Team (SST) at

Military Services

In order for the Military Services team to verify your attendance with the VA it is necessary to complete a Residency Statement Form. As a guide to help you complete the form, you can access the residency information from within your course room two weeks prior to the Residency start date.  Please note, there is no deadline to complete this form, however, submitting it early will assist with a timely payment from the VA. 

The VA requires residency attendance to be reported in “completed” clock hours. Please be aware, if you are attending an in-person residency, you must attend a minimum of 18 hours to be considered full time per the VA. If you are attending a virtual residency, please be sure that you complete a minimum of 18 hours per week for weeks 2 and 3 to be considered full time.  Residency attendance qualifies some students to receive the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).  The BAH payment rate is determined by the zip code of the school (55401 for Walden) at the rate of E-5 with dependents.  In order to find the payment rate for Walden University please visit the Basic Allowance for Housing page at the Defense Travel Management Office. BAH payments will be prorated base on the required number of days you attend residency. Please note that if you’re active duty, you will not receive the BAH.

If you have questions about your residency, please contact the Academic Residencies at Once your residency attendance has been certified, you will receive a courtesy message from the VA. As a reminder, the VA determines payment and eligibility. If you should have any questions regarding your GI Bill or VA payments, please contact the VA at #1-888-442-4551 (option 1 then 0) or the Office of Military Services Office:

What to Bring

  • Photo ID (required for check-in).
  • Download the Residency App to view the daily program schedule. This is available two weeks prior to the start of the event. See your residency registration confirmation email for access.
  • Complete the Required Title IX Training approximately 2 weeks prior to attending. See your registration confirmation email for more information.
  • Dress as you would for professional conferences and other professional meetings; business casual is strongly encouraged.
    • Exception: Plan to wear your WaldenGear on the last day of the event.
    • Please be aware that room temperatures in meeting rooms at residency venues may vary; therefore, we suggest dressing in layers to allow maximum flexibility in adjusting to the room temperatures.
  • Thoroughly review information found under Prepare to Travel and Prepare to Network.
  • Typically textbooks are not required for academic residencies. However, in order to get the most out of your residency experience, please view the list of items needed in your residency Blackboard classroom approximately three weeks prior to the event start date.
  • See your residency registration confirmation email for program specific requirements about what to bring.

Residency Tips

At Walden, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional academic residency experience. To help you plan ahead and be fully prepared for your academic residency, follow these helpful tips:

  • Register for your residency as soon as registration opens, several months prior to the residency start date, as seating is limited.
  • Attend your residencies according to the requirements for residency timing within your program because residencies align with critical courses at strategic points in your program. See Residency Timing and the complete Residency Calendar.
  • Thoroughly read your residency registration confirmation email for the What to Bring and Classroom & Residency Schedule information.
  • Notify your online instructors of the dates you will be attending the residency. Be sure to work ahead on course assignments and discussion posts because your time attending the residency will be filled with academic sessions, networking, and skill development.
  • Become familiar with residency content in the Blackboard classroom and complete residency pre-work (if any).
  • Download and access the Residency App which is linked in your residency registration confirmation email approximately two weeks before the residency. The Residency App lists the daily schedule and other important information you will need when you are on site.