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Before Your Event: Pay for Your Residency/Lab/Intensive

Residency/Lab Fees

  • Residency fees are NOT included in your program tuition.
    • Exceptions (also see fee schedule below):
      • Blended Academic Year in Residence (BAYR) residencies for PhD psychology licensure
      • Pre-Practicum fees for MS counseling and CES 2/3 students starting February 27, 2017 or after
  • Travel and lodging expenses for required residencies, social work skills labs and pre-practicum are NOT included in program tuition and are the responsibility of all students in all programs.
  • Residency fees are billed in the term of the residency and collected in accordance with the university’s billing cycle.
  • These fees vary by degree program and are subject to change throughout the academic year.
  • Fees for residencies occurring outside the 48 contiguous U.S. states vary based on location and are higher.*


Fees for Required Experiences

Event Type 2023 Fees beginning February 1 (per event)


$965 per course @ 2 courses per term

= $1,930 per BAYR residency

(included in program tuition; travel, lodging, and other expenses are additional for in-person BAYR events)


Social Work Skills Lab is billed at 1 credit, plus $1,420 lab fee (virtual)

CES Residency

$1,420 (virtual)

CES Pre-Practicum 1 and 2

$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)


$1,420 (virtual)

EdD Required Residency
EdD Advanced (optional)

$1,420 (virtual)

MS CMHC Pre-Practicum
MS MCFC Pre-Practicum
MS SC Pre-Practicum
MS CMHC and MS SC (dual degree) Pre-Practicum

$1,450 (virtual) pre-practicum lab fee 


Skills Lab fees are included in program tuition for students starting May 28, 2019, or after.


$1,420 (virtual), $1,520 (in person, travel, lodging, and other expenses are additional)

PsyD in Behavioral Health Leadership Virtual

Consulting Skills Intensive (CSI) Virtual $1,420

Virtual Residency $1,420


Event Type 2023 Fees beginning February 1 (per event)

Fees for Optional Experiences

Consulting Skills Intensive (CSI) $1,420 (virtual - See Capstone Intensives for more information.)
PhD Forensic Psych Special Topics Intensive (FPSTI) $1,420 (virtual - See Capstone Intensives for more information.)
EdD Advanced Residency $1,420 (virtual)
Doctoral Residencies and Capstone Intensive Retreats Outside the 48 Contiguous U.S. States

Higher than U.S. domestic, varies based on location.

NOTE: International and non-contiguous U.S. locations are NOT included in Fast Track tuition.

Dissertation or Doctoral Study Intensive Retreats (available for PhD, DBA, DIT)

$1,420 (virtual), $2,550 (face-to-face)

See Capstone Intensives for more information and inclusions.

PhD Professional Conferences


NOTE: Professional conferences are included in Fast Track tuition for select programs and Walden approved professional conferences only.


Fees for required residencies, skills labs and pre-practicum labs include:

  • Daily, individual and/or group sessions with Walden faculty

  • Access to faculty expertise through individual and/or group advising

  • Access to Walden support services sessions and advising (varies by program) such as Student Success Advising, Career Planning and Development, Library, Office of Research and Doctoral Services, Writing Center, Customer Care, among others (format and schedule varies by degree program)

  • Access to event technologies (i.e. the Event App, virtual environments and other technology relating to virtual delivery of curriculum, etc.)

  • Internet access in face-to-face event meeting spaces

  • Daily beverage services during session breaks for face-to-face events

  • For face-to-face events, the option to reserve discounted lodging in the Walden room block that includes free high-speed internet access at the host hotel

Payment Policy

Residency fees listed above are billed in the term of the residency and collected in accordance with the university’s billing cycle.

Plan Your Budget

If you are planning to attend an in-person event, see your residency registration confirmation email for specific rates and travel recommendations.

Residency, Lab, Intensive Fee

See the Fee Table above for your specific program fees.
Airfare $250-$550 for academic events taking place in the 48 contiguous U.S. states; varies based on home airport, residency city, air carrier, flight schedules, connections, and time of year. Some airlines also charge for checked baggage. Please check your airline's baggage policy for more information.
Airport Transfers

$5-$45 each way depending on mode of transportation. See your registration confirmation email for recommendations.

Lodging $135-$185 per night plus taxes/fees; Walden’s special group rate varies by location; lodging outside the 48 contiguous U.S. states is usually higher.
Internet No charge in Walden’s host hotels; up to $15 per night plus taxes/fees if you make reservations outside of Walden’s sleeping room block.

$15-$25 per meal (plus tax and tip) if you choose to dine in the Walden venue establishments and/or select nearby, non-fast-food options.

You may pack non-perishable food items or visit a local grocery or convenience store upon arrival to reduce dining expenses. You may also check with the host hotel to see if they can provide a refrigerator and/or a microwave oven in your sleeping room (if available, additional fees and taxes may be billed to your sleeping room). The hotel concierge can also provide local dining information after you arrive.


$15-$25 per day for commuters; rates vary by venue; parking is often discounted or complimentary if you are staying at Walden’s host hotel. See your registration confirmation email for parking information.

Financial Aid

Students must be registered for at least one course in addition to a residency in order to be considered for financial aid. The Financial Aid Office reviews registrations at the start of each term and cancels federal aid for any students registered for a residency only. Students who do not register for a regular course along with the residency may apply for a loan through a private lender. 

Visit the Tuition and Financial Aid page on the WaldenU website for more funding options. Consult with a Financial Aid advisor to determine whether you may qualify for financial aid. 

If you are expecting a financial aid refund to help cover non-tuition residency expenses, refunds are released by the Bursar's Office 14 days after the date of disbursement. The Bursar’s Office cannot expedite refunds. Keep this in mind as you make plans to cover the costs of attending a residency or lab.

If you have questions about financial aid, disbursements, and residency or lab fees, contact either the Office of the Bursar or the Office of Financial Aid at Both can be reached at 1-800-444-6795.