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Who we are

The Student Affairs office is dedicated to maintaining an effective, equitable, and positive learning environment and experience for all students. Student Affairs is directly supported by the Disability Services office in achieving its mission, and partners with colleges, centers, and other administrative units within the university to shape student-centered policies and practices.

The Student Affairs office supports academic units in investigating and processing student appeals, complaints and grievances, and Code of Conduct matters to ensure student concerns are addressed with fairness afforded to all parties.

Additionally, the Student Affairs office is proud to support the growing number of official Walden student groups and honor societies.


The Student Affairs office is dedicated to the development of new Walden scholar practitioners, individuals who will become the next generation of stewards of their respective disciplines and agents of positive social change.

Accordingly, the Student Affairs team partners with colleges and centers within the university to support implementing policies, procedures and practices that contribute to an effective learning environment for all students.

The office also promotes an orientation toward lifelong learning and individual growth in developing students’ personal competencies needed for success in their given profession.