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Resumes & More

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Career Portfolio Resources

Follow the step-by-step guides below to create a portfolio using SkillsFirst.

General Portfolio

How to Create a Career Portfolio: General Guide 

MPH Practicum

MPH Practicum Portfolio Guide 

Criteria for MPH Portfolio 

DrPH Applied Practice Experience

DrPH Applied Practice Experience Portfolio Guide 

Criteria for DrPH Portfolio 


DBA Practicum Portfolio Guide 

Refer to the following handout to help you enhance your Portfolio sections:

Walden University DBA Portfolio Capstone Skills and Competencies 

Human Services

Human Services Portfolio Guide 

MS in Health Education and Promotion

M.S. Health Education and Promotion Portfolio Guide 


MBA: Document Your Success Portfolio Guide 

Undergraduate Prior Learning

Undergraduate Prior Learning Portfolio Guide 

Refer to the following page for more information:

Building Your Prior Learning Portfolio 

Social Work 

Social Work Diversity Portfolio 





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SkillsFirst is a robust career management system available to Walden students and alumni to create letters, resumes, CVs, and career portfolios; and practice interviewing skills. Refer to the following step-by-step guides to get started:

Resumes and Cover Letters




SkillsFirst for Walden Alumni:

For recent grads who have access to their Walden email and password, log into SkillsFirst here.  We recommend that you download all documents that you created in SkillsFirst upon completion of your Walden program.

For alumni who no longer have access to their Walden credentials, please contact the Career Planning and Development team at to receive instructions on how to create a new Alumni Account in SkillsFirst.

Create a Custom Cover Letter

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