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Welcome to Student Wellness and Disability Services at Walden!  Our role is to ensure students with disabilities have barrier free access to Walden's programs and services.  We do that, first, by working with faculty and technicians to make the online classroom as accessible as possible before any students enroll.  Walden courses are designed to be accessible to a universal audience from their original design.  Second, for those rare situations that call for a special accommodation, we work with individual students with disabilities to address their accessibility needs.

We also have a strong presence at residencies and other Walden sponsored events where physical or sensory access can be challenging for students with certain disabilities.

In both, physical and virtual environments, we are available to advocate for students with disabilities whether officially registered with our office or not.  Disability can be unpredictable and we are here to help.  Call on us!

To learn more about our services or to get answers about eligibility for services, contact us at

Carolyn Roney
Sr. Director Student Wellness and Disability Services
Walden University