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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Academic Skills Center:
Academic Skills Center

Academic Skills Center


How can we help make your academic journey successful?

Welcome to Your Academic Skills Center

FAQs about Walden's Academic Skills Center

My peer tutor took extra steps to ensure that I understood every part of the assignment or discussion for the week. All of you have been amazing. I don't know what I would have done without all your help.
I did so well thanks to you.

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My peer mentor made the start of my program feel like Walden cares about their students, and the check-in makes you feel like you're getting that one-on-one attention.

I truly appreciated it.

Your Academic Skills Center

Resources created by Walden Students for Walden Students.

Your Academic Skills Center is a team ready to adapt to your needs as a Walden student. Most of us are Walden students or were Walden students, and take that feeling with us when we create or support you on your academic journey.


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