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For Multilingual Students: English Language


The Writing Center has various resources to help build, practice, and reinforce English grammar knowledge. To begin, visit the Grammar pages on the Writing Center website for explanations and examples of various grammatical concepts. Also take the Knowledge Checks on the individual grammar pages for practice and to quiz yourself on your understanding of the grammar points.

The following resources may also be helpful to review and build English grammar awareness and skills:

Revising for grammar is an essential part of the writing and revision process. See the Writing Center’s webpage on strategies for Revising for Grammar and watch this video on how to use a Grammar Revision Journal to help revise for grammatical errors.

Closely related to revising for grammar is revising for scholarly voice. For more information, review the Revising for Scholarly Voice webpage. To learn more about using a corpus to help revise for grammar and scholarly voice, watch this video:

Knowledge of how to effectively use a dictionary and thesaurus can also help you improve your grammar and scholarly voice. Watch these short videos for tips on using a dictionary and thesaurus:


Learn about how to use commas, semicolons, quotation marks, apostrophes, and other punctuation in English academic writing from the following sources:

Common Writing Terms

See some definitions of common academic writing terms here: Common Writing Terms. You can listen to instructors discuss common assignment prompt terms and how to better understand course assignments in the podcast episode linked below.