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Walden Orientation and Welcome (WWOW)

The Walden Orientation and Welcome is a self-paced online course designed to help you feel confident starting your studies and create a foundation for success. In this course, you can become familiar with the classroom and all the teams here at Walden who are eager to support you. You’ll have a head start by: 

  • Submitting a practice assignment 

  • Exploring how to engage in discussions 

  • Developing a time management strategy 

  • Learning about common tools used at Walden 

"This is an excellent resource for students new to online learning or new to Walden's online program. It provided me with the information and resources that will be vital to my success throughout the program. Because of this orientation, I am more confident in my ability to complete assignments, communicate with classmates and instructors, and access Walden's valuable resources. "

Walden Orientation Welcome from Diana Innes on Vimeo.

"The Walden Orientation and Welcome helped me feel at ease because I was feeling overwhelmed with being in school again after years of not being in school. Going through the process of practice assignments and discussions really helped me "settle down" and relaxed my mind. It's very much needed for new students."

Did you know...

73% of students reported increased confidence after completing the Walden Orientation and Welcome. 

92% of students were satisfied with the Walden Orientation and Welcome. 

"I found the Walden Orientation and Welcome to be extremely helpful. In all my college years, I have never experienced so many warm welcomes, support, and extensive resources. Also, I was inspired by the required resources in my first discussion, for example, tips for getting and staying motivated, academic guides, the infographic and much more. I was equally moved by some of the optional resources and materials in the “Try a Week”. The roundtable discussion was awesome. There has been so much support, even prior to me starting the orientation. For me, Walden University has done an exemplary job in the orientation process and providing support. "