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Getting Started: For Doctoral Capstone Students

Getting Started

The Writing Center and the Academic Skills Center are here to help you with your doctoral capstone writing. At the Writing Center, you’ll find the following resources:

  • Doctoral Capstone Form and Style site, with information on various kinds of support available to students at the final capstone stage and links to materials, templates, and videos specific to each program. We also have a new live editor office hour chat feature on the site.
  • One-on-one paper reviews for course work assignments as well as premise and prospectus documents. (Note: Paper reviews are not available for the proposal or final study);
  • A host of webinars focused on writing skills specific to Walden doctoral capstone studies, including the dissertation, doctoral study, or project study.
  • Access to the Walden Capstone Writing Community, where you can chat with colleagues and attend live chapter reviews with form and style review editors.
  • Materials that will help you prepare for your Form and Style Review.
  • Contact information for the Form and Style Review Team, [email protected].

The Academic Skills Center offers a myriad of resources to help you with your doctoral studies. In the Academic Skills Center, you’ll find:

  • Free skill-builder sessions on topics related to statistics, Microsoft software, and SPSS Tutoring support focused on SPSS and statistics for students working on quantitative studies who need additional help with data.

The Office of Academic Support offers a number of courses, seminars, and workshops that help you build academic and professional skills. Doctoral students may be interested in the following: