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Kits: Form and Style Review Kit

Form and Style Review Kit

These resources are for doctoral students who have completed their final doctoral capstone documents and are preparing them for final approval prior to graduation.

This kit focuses on what doctoral students need as they prepare for the form and style (F&S) review. It includes information on what the editors check for at the F&S stage, common errors and how to revise them, the checklists and how to use them, and resources for double-checking references and citations.

A student’s committee chairperson, second committee member, and the URR oversee the doctoral process, directing content development and assuring the capstone meets program guidelines.

In addition, the Doctoral Capstone Resources website includes all of the capstone support services provided by the university in one convenient place.

This page contains information on how to finalize the capstone and prepare for the F&S review. This includes formatting the document, ensuring confidentiality, and proofreading and self-editing for final publication: