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Kits: So What?

So What?

Finally, students should explain the meaning of their findings. This is the core of the discussion that follows the findings. Answering the “so what?” question is really the answer to the research question(s) coupled with some more explanation about the actual implications. Students might think of this section as the “elevator speech,” or the “hook” (as in a song). This is one of the most emphasized areas of the capstone. It is also where students connect the findings back to the current literature to put their study into context with previous findings. Everything in the document is building up to this important discussion.

Writing Center Resources

  • Doctoral capstones should avoid bias in the discussion of the findings and implications.
  • Writing about the positive social change implications is also one of the required elements of the capstone at Walden; the Writing Center blog on Writing for Positive Social Change addresses concerns some students may have while drafting this portion.
  • Writing Center Writing for Social Change Webinar.

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