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Webinars: Writing for Social Change

Exploring Perspectives

The Writing Center and the Center for Social Change welcome students, faculty, and alumni to join us for this special event webinar.

In this webinar, you'll join a discussion about writing and social change. You'll have the chance to discuss your own goals for social change and learn how writing can help you achieve those goals. Specific attention will be paid to how writing can help you generate ideas, as well as how you can use writing in areas like social media, grants, newspapers, and blogs to communicate your vision for social change.

Using Restorative Writing to Enact Social Change

Maintaining personal wellness is key to achieving your goals. Additionally, writing can be a useful tool for processing difficult events and discovering connections between your experiences and local, community, or global problems. In this webinar, you will explore how you can use restorative writing to promote wellness for yourself and your community. Information about the concept of restorative writing and how it evolved in academia will serve as the foundation for our discussion before you practice restorative writing during this webinar. Finally, you will reflect on how restorative writing can help you enact social change.

  • Webinar recording
    • ‚ÄčNote that the chat boxes used during the live presentation have been moved from the recording to maintain participant anonymity. While watching the recording, we encourage you to follow along and participate on your own screen.
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Grant Proposals

Sometimes achieving social change requires support from others. This webinar will give you tips for communicating your goals for social change through grant proposals, introducing you to this genre of writing. While we will not provide tips for finding grants, you will be able to use this webinar to help you communicate your social change vision to others in the grant format.