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Webinars: Grammar


These webinars walk students through the structure, creation, and revision of different types of sentences with a focus on practical application of English grammar rules.

All webinars will use APA 7 in their instruction and examples moving forward after May 4.  

The webinars in this category are appropriate for all Walden students. 

You may also be interested in the recordings of the Academic Skills Center's 2016 International Student Success Conference. Topics covered include tips for writing successfully in American academic English (the fourth session listed). Check it out!

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Grammar 101: Simple Sentences

Grammar and punctuation errors can distract readers from your great ideas and result in lost points in assignments. Strengthen your sentence-level writing skills in this first of three Mastering the Mechanics webinars where we will explore and practice using simple sentences. We will talk about what a grammatically-correct simple sentence looks like, but also practice identifying errors in simple sentences to strengthen your proofing skills.

(Note that this webinar was formerly titled, "Mastering the Mechanics Part 1: Simple Sentences.")

Mastering the Mechanics Part 2: Compound & Complex Sentences

The second webinar in the Mastering the Mechanics series focuses on writing compound and complex sentences, with an emphasis on using correct punctuation, identifying common errors, and practicing skills. This webinar will support students in composing varied, sophisticated, and grammatically correct sentences.

Mastering the Mechanics Part 3: Revising Sentence Structure

In this webinar we will discuss advanced sentence structure errors and how to avoid them, focusing on revising tips and practice. Attend this webinar to learn how to become a better proofreader of your own grammar!

Engaging Your Reader with Sentence Structure

Scholarly writing does not have to be boring: Your ideas are exciting, so your writing should be too! Learn how to create sentences that will engage your readers, helping them to be as excited as you are about your ideas. You'll leave this webinar knowing more about how to vary sentence structure, use active voice, and incorporate transitions.

Grammar for Academic Writers: Identifying Common Errors

Grammar errors can affect how well the reader understands your ideas. There are a few common grammar errors in academic writing related to verb tense, essential and nonessential clauses, commas after introductory clauses, possessive forms, subject-verb agreement with complex subjects. View this webinar to learn about these errors and how to avoid them in your own writing.

Practical Tips to Successfully Write in Academic American English

In this instructional interactive session followed by Q/A, students will learn some practical tips to successfully write in American Academic English. Although the session is more geared toward students, faculty may find the ideas useful to help understand some common struggles of multilingual writers, and the topics discussed in the session may help inform feedback provided to students.