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Read Critically

Reading to Understand

Even though you may be a proficient reader of novels, business briefs, or professional communications, you may not be as experienced with academic text. That's okay. Academic texts can be more challenging because of complex concepts, terminology, and structure.

Reading to Engage and Evaluate (Module)


Reading to Engage and Evaluate

Be Analytical. Academically you must be a critical consumer of information. This means not taking any information at face value but instead evaluating it to determine its credibility, objectivity, and usefulness.

Reading to Engage and Evaluate (Module)

Communicate Professionally

The Importance of Professional Etiquette

In this interactive module, you’ll learn the importance of practicing etiquette in a virtual environment, as well as tips and strategies for establishing a professional image when studying from home.
Professional Etiquette as an Online Student (Module)

Develop Academic Habits Quiz

Test your knowledge on Reading to Understand, Reading to Engage and Evaluate, and Communicate Professionally.

Download a certificate when you answer all questions correctly.

Develop Academic Habits Quiz

Adjust to Online Graduate Education

Continuing Your Journey: Adjusting to Graduate-Level Expectations

Three members of the peer mentoring team recently completed their undergraduate coursework and chose Walden for their Master’s degrees. Here are their tips.

Writing Support Course

Transitioning from Undergraduate to Graduate Writing is a course designed to help undergraduate students planning to pursue a graduate degree, or a student entering a graduate program who have been out of school for a while.

SKIL 4000:
Transitioning from Undergraduate to Graduate Writing

Develop Test-Taking Strategies

Learn how to prepare for a test with study techniques, approach different types of tests and test questions, and reflect on testing as a growth opportunity.

Develop Test-Taking Strategies

Practice Wellness and Mindfulness

Prioritize Wellness and Self-Care

Learn how to complete a self-care assessment, identify areas for improvement, and employ strategies for prioritizing wellness and self-care.

Prioritize Wellness and Self-Care

Mindful Writing

How can we apply qualities of mindfulness—such as acceptance, compassion, body awareness, and being present in the moment—to our academic writing?

WriteCast Episode 34:
Taking Care of Yourself With Mindful Writing
WriteCast Episode 35:
A Brief Daily Session Walk-Through—Mindful Writing, Part 2
WriteCast Episode 39:
Positive Writing Affirmations, Part 1
WriteCast Episode 40:
Positive Writing Affirmations, Part 2