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Kits: Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit


These resources are for doctoral multilingual students who are working on their final project, doctoral study, or dissertation.

The challenges of writing a project study/doctoral study/dissertation are not unique to multilingual and international students. However, cultural or linguistic differences can often amplify these challenges. This kit will help students access resources for multilingual writers completing a doctoral capstone.

The first step to overcoming the challenges of writing a project study/doctoral study/dissertation as a multilingual writer is to become familiar with the expectations of writing at the doctoral level at Walden. Use the resources below to begin:

Walden Resources

  • Student success advisors can provide information about the program and degree requirements.
  • The Doctoral Capstone Resources website houses curated resources from across the university available for doctoral students at Walden.
  • The Office of Research and Doctoral Services website hosts the rubrics, checklists, and guidebooks for Professional Doctoral Programs and PhD Dissertations. All doctoral students must follow the guides for their program to produce their final document.
  • The Global Students Page has curated resources for multilingual and international students from Student Success Advising, the Academic Skills Center, the Bookstore, Career Services, the Library, and the Writing Center.

Writing Resources

In addition, students can learn more about the following aspects of doctoral writing in American academic English and at Walden in this Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit: