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Walden Capstone Writing Community: For Capstone Multilingual Writers

For Capstone Multilingual Writers

The challenges of writing a project study/doctoral study/dissertation are not unique to multilingual and international students. However, cultural or linguistic differences can often amplify these challenges. This page contains monthly multilingual writing tips as well as capstone multilingual resources available through the Writing Center.

Capstone Multilingual Writing Tip of the Month

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Capstone Multilingual Resources at the Writing Center

If you are a multilingual capstone writer, the following resources may be helpful:

  • The Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit is directed at doctoral multilingual students who are working on their final project, doctoral study, or dissertation. This kit contains tips and resources to help multilingual doctoral students navigate their final written document.
  • The Grammar and Mechanics pages on the Form and Style website provide explanations and examples of some of the various elements of English grammar and punctuation that capstone writers often have questions about.
  • Weekly multilingual office hours are offered through the Form and Style page. Stop by with questions about Academic American English as well as with questions about the capstone document. View our Policies page for explanations of the types of questions appropriate to this service.
  • Grammarly software can help identify and revise for some sentence-level errors. This is not foolproof, as it is just a computer software program, but it can be a useful tool in the revision process.