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Walden Capstone Writing Collaborative: Capstone Writing Clinic February 2019

Capstone Writing Clinic February 2019

On Tuesday February 26, 2019, the Walden University Form and Style Editors hosted the first Capstone Writing Clinic. The purpose of this clinic was to prepare students for the capstone writing process and help them advance in writing regardless of their current capstone writing stage. All of the sessions are designed to help students write, reflect on their writing, edit, or prepare for the next stage of the capstone.

During this one-day event, students learned about the transition from coursework to writing the capstone, how to use the writing templates, and tips for self-editing and being prepared for the Form and Style Review in addition to asking questions of an editor panel.

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Session Description Recordings and Transcripts
Transitioning From Coursework to the Capstone Writing a doctoral capstone document, such as a dissertation or a doctoral or project study, is a unique process with its own challenges. The shorter writing and research assignments from courses do not accurately reflect what it takes to craft a book-length document that contains an original scholarly contribution. Editors will address the ways writing the doctoral capstone differs from writing for graduate courses and outline some helpful strategies for managing this transition.
Using the Capstone Template Editors will explain, step-by-step, how to use the most recent program-specific, doctoral templates. This session will include instructions for using the templates, MS Word resources, the Form and Style Checklist, and links to other resources for doctoral capstone writing.
Self-Editing and Preparing for the Form and Style Review Editors will share tips and strategies to help students become efficient and effective editors of their own capstone writing, highlight resources and strategies for revising, and establish expectations for the Form and Style Review.
Panel Discussion and Q&A With Walden’s Form and Style Editors In this informal conversation, editors will discuss their experiences working with doctoral students and answer student questions.

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