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Walden Capstone Writing Community: Walden Capstone Writing Community

Introduction, Overview, and Welcome

Welcome to the Walden Capstone Writing Community (WCWC). Once students have passed the prospectus stage and are officially beginning to write the capstone proposal document, they can be welcomed into the community of Walden students official working on the capstone. The function of this community is to provide resources and events that are focused on writing the capstone study. On behalf of the editors and managers in the Office of Academic Editing, welcome to the WCWC.

The purpose of the WCWC is to provide support and advice on the capstone writing process. The goal is to present this community as a collection of resources focused on the writing process, beginning the capstone process, as well as connecting with the committee to help students develop their capstone. This page contains general information on the capstone writing process, editor advice for writing the capstone, monthly updates on resources and services from our editing office, and trends in student questions about writing the capstone. We also provide links to other resources in the editing office, Writing Center, and across offices at Walden.

Please direct any WCWC questions to the Walden editors at