School-life balance is important for optimizing your learning experience.

"Be honest with yourself about productivity goals. Set yourself up to win. One method I have come to learn is Eat That Frog (Tracy, n.d.) – that is, identify the most daunting tasks in your day, and do these first!"

Rhemma Payne, Walden Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor Des Ellis shares his top tips for getting started as an online learner at Walden. For additional help navigating and adjusting to the online classroom, Des recommends:
The Blackboard App: What Every Walden Student Should Know (Blog)


The number of hours that a Walden student works on their assignments or projects over the weekend.*

*March 2020 report

The number of average Walden students who turn in their assignments in the evenings.*

*January 2020 report

Finding Balance

Suzanne's Time Management Story

All the Skills You Need to Succeed.