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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Academic Skills Center:
Course-Level Statistics Home

Statistics Skills

Strengthen Your Statistics Skills

This 15-part video series presented by the
Statistics Instructional Specialist
focuses on the weekly concepts covered in the
RSCH 8210 course.


eTutoring and Group Tutoring sessions available for

   RSCH 8210

   RSCH 8260

Undergraduate Statistics

Appointments are lead by the statistics tutoring team.

Statistics Resources

We have a variety of statistics resources, including videos, PDFs, and FAQs,
to help you in courses such as:


My peer tutor was very professional, thorough, patient, confident, and ensured that I understood the materials before moving on to the next concept. My tutor had a great personality, and I found it easy to talk and connect with her.

Your Statistics Tutors Know the Walden Experience

They are either current Walden students or alumni, and they bring empathy and compassion to their tutoring sessions. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, your statistics tutors are here to address your needs and meet you where you are.


Students attended group tutoring sessions in 2020


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Students attended a one-on-one tutoring session in 2020

Familiarizing Yourself with Stats Again—or for the First Time

Peer statistics tutor, Hollly Myers wrote a blog on her strategy for approaching statistics as a returning student. In it you'll find recommendations and steps to help you familiarize yourself, perhaps again, with statistics.
Go to Holly's Blog Post

Meet Instructional Specialist, Dr. Janine Allwright

Dr. Allwright graduated with a PhD in Public Policy in Administration from Walden University in 2017. Since joining the Academic Skills Center team, Dr. Allwright has helped thousands of Walden students manage their stats anxiety--a special focus for Janine. You will know Dr. Allwright as the creator and host of the Statistics Group Drop-in Sessions where she shares her passion for statistics on a weekly basis.
"When you meet me, you will notice that I LOVE statistics and that talking about stats is my passion. The most exciting part of my role as an instructional specialist is when I get to explain complicated statistical concepts to you in laymen’s terms and then hear you bring the explanations back to me in your own words."

Dr. Janine Allwright, Instructional Support Specialist
Savvy Student Podcast // Episode 03 // 13:48

Dr. Patrick Dunn from Walden University Student and Tutor to Walden University Faculty

I wasn't an expert in stats when I started. I really had to prepare for tutoring sessions, and by doing that my own stats knowledge grew. To the point now, where I am teaching biostatistics in the College of Health Science in Walden University.
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All the Skills You Need to Succeed.