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June 2020: Most Helpful Supports for Writing a Dissertation

by Paul Lai on 2020-06-01T07:00:00-05:00 | 0 Comments


Rogers et al. (2016) highlighted challenges that dissertation writers experience as they go through the writing process. They found that the most helpful supports are as follows:

  1. having one-on-one conversations with advisors and committees
  2. receiving written feedback
  3. reading published dissertations
  4. receiving peer support (Rogers et al. 2016)

Rogers, P. M., Zawacki, T. M., & Baker, S. (2016). Uncovering challenges and pedagogical complications in dissertation writing and supervisory practices: A multimethod study of doctoral students and advisors. In S. Simpson, N. Caplan, M. Cox, & T. Phillips (Eds.), Supporting graduate student writers. Research, curriculum, & program design (pp. 52-77). University of Michigan Press.

So what does this mean for you as a capstone multilingual writer?

  1. Use the ideas from following faculty expectations to work with your committee. Understanding and following faculty expectations can be challenging, especially if the culture and language are different from what you are used to. Acknowledge these differences and ask questions throughout the process.
  2. Be open to receiving feedback. Remember that all writers need feedback to improve. The amount or type of feedback you receive may be different than what you have experienced in your previous education or in a different culture. If you receive feedback you do not understand, ask for clarification. Also use the resources on self-editing to revise your manuscript based on the feedback you receive.
  3. Read examples of published dissertations in your field of study. The more you read in the genre the better you will write in the genre. You can access published Walden capstone documents through the links below:
  4. Develop peer support and peer review groups with classmates. Meet frequently and use these to help overcome social isolation as well as to help develop language skills. Also see the tips to help overcome isolation as a capstone multilingual writer.


Happy Writing!

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