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Kits: After the Form and Style Review

After the Form and Style Review

Editors will return the reviewed document with corrections, recommendations, and suggested changes via MS Word’s Track Changes function and comment bubbles. Students will work with their chairperson to revise the document after they receive the editor’s review. Once the document is polished and complete, and after final committee and CAO approval, the final document will be published in ProQuest.

Upon receiving the Form and Style (F&S) Review from an editor, students should use only the document from the F&S editor throughout the remainder of the approval process. Editors set the required formatting in that document (margins, pagination, spacing, etc.), so students should avoid making any additional changes to document formatting when they receive their F&S review. In addition, moving forward with that document (versus trying to apply the editor's changes to another version) will also mean that students keep that proper, required formatting in the document that they use to continue with the capstone approval. Margin and pagination requirements can be found under Document Expectations on the Form and Style website. In addition, students can consult the Form and Style Templates page for help navigating and using the template.

Form and Style Resources

External Resources

  • ProQuest is the database that archives and disseminates Walden dissertations and doctoral studies after documents receive final approval from the CAO’s office (final step before graduation).
  • ProQuest’s Preparing Your Manuscript Guide
  • ProQuest’s Copyright Guide will help students ensure that their manuscripts meet copyright requirements for using and reprinting information and that there is no risk of infringement.
  • Students should determine whether they would like to copyright their own dissertation, doctoral study, or project study and be ready to make that choice when uploading to ProQuest. In order to be prepared to make that decision, students can review ProQuest’s Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities document.