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These pages contain kits for completing different facets of the capstone.

  • The Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit is directed at doctoral multilingual students who are working on their final project, doctoral study, or dissertation. This kit contains tips and resources to help multilingual doctoral students navigate their final written document.
  • The Proposal Kit is more focused on writing the introduction to the study, literature review, and proposed methodology for the study.
  • The Final Study Kit contains information for students working on the final write up. This kit is focused on writing the results and conclusions for the study.
  • The Form and Style Kit is focused on preparing for the Form and Style Review. This kit helps students with how to make a final check of the document and reminds students of many of the APA and scholarly writing challenges the editors see in this review.
  • The Postgraduation Kit helps students interested in revising some or all of their completed capstone for publication once they graduate. This kit includes tips for revising the document and approaching potential publishers.