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Kits: Final Study and Capstone Resources

Final Study and Capstone Resources

Regardless of where doctoral students are in the final study or capstone process, they should consider making use of the resources listed below.

  • Connect with the Doctoral Research Coach—an interactive, virtual tool that students can use to stay on track and complete their doctoral capstone or project.
  • The Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website supports students writing their studies with regard to APA guidelines, scholarly style, and Walden institutional preferences.
  • Students can e-mail a Walden editor directly at with questions about writing the proposal.
  • Live Editor Office Hours on the Writing Center's Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website address student questions about writing their doctoral studies and dissertations.
  • The Walden Capstone Writing Community provides a private, online community for students to attend live community events exclusively for Walden doctoral students where they can connect with colleagues and get support through the doctoral writing process from Walden’s form and style editors.
  • The Doctoral Capstone Resources website includes capstone support services provided by the university in one convenient place.
  • The ORDS website provides information on research resources and processes.
  • Academic Skills Center (ASC) offers workshops for editing and revising preproposal and proposal documents, MS Word support, support with SPSS and NVivo, and statistics tutoring.
    • ASC offers doctoral capstone writing workshops specifically aimed at writing the different parts of the capstone. These are 6-week sessions for students developing their preproposals, revising and editing their overall proposals, introductions, literature reviews, and research design and method sections, as well as students revising their postproposal sections. Enrolled students receive writing guidance and support from writing faculty and peers.
    • MS Word support includes tutorials and tutoring/support via appointment.
    • Statistics support includes tutoring and help with SPSS and NVivo software.
  • In addition to attending an in-person residency, students have the option to attend a capstone intensive (CI), an in-person writing retreat led by faculty and Writing Center staff (currently for PhD, EdD, DBA, DIT, and DNP programs).
  • Students at the proposal or final capstone stages can still take a look back at the Preproposal Starter Kit for help with writing strategies, the writing process, and self-editing resources.