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Other APA Guidelines: Titles

Goals of a Title

A title should summarize the main ideas of your manuscript, have style, identify variables or the theoretical issue under investigation, and identify the relationship between the variables.

Elements of a Good Title

Good titles are concise; they say only what needs to be said (aim for 12 words or fewer), avoid words that serve no purpose (such as methods, results, a study of..., or an experimental investigation of...), fully explain when standing alone (title is a statement of what the manuscript contains and must be searchable), uses full terms and avoids abbreviations, uses title case (every significant word capitalized) and is centered in the upper half of the page.

For specific guidelines and help with title format, check out our APA templates.

Examples of Titles

Wordy Title: "A Study of the Effects of Transformed Letters on Reading Speed"

Improved: "Effect of Transformed Letters on Reading Speed"

Vague and Wordy: "An Investigation of the Relationship Between Differentiated Instruction and Student Achievement"

Improved: "Differentiated Instruction's Influence on Student Achievement"