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Writing the Literature Review

This session will focus on writing approaches to synthesizing the research, including strategies to help organize and evaluate your sources, particularly in the literature review of doctoral capstone studies.

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Demonstrating Critical Thinking in Writing Assignments

Demonstrating critical thinking through writing is one of the tasks of a scholar. This webinar explores strategies for incorporating critical thinking in your writing, highlighting how to use sources to support your own ideas and create a thesis statement. In particular, you'll learn about four essential components: (1) thesis statements; (2) paraphrasing; (3) analysis; and (4) synthesis.

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Looking for APA 7 Support? 

Visit the APA Citations and Style section of our Webinar Archive for a range of APA webinars, all updated for APA 7.

Webinar Archive

Webinars are organized in the categories below. To learn more about accessing and using our webinar archive, visit our Technical Information page.

All webinars in our APA Citations and Style archive are updated for APA 7. All other webinars will use APA 7 in their instruction and examples moving forward after May 4.