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The purpose of the form and style review is to edit a capstone manuscript to improve the writing and to ensure that the manuscript conforms to APA and the prepublication formatting requirements set by both Walden and ProQuest.

The team of form and style editors comes from both academia and the world of publishing. Part of our task as editors is to ensure that the mechanics of the writing are correct (grammar, punctuation, APA publication style). The mechanics are straightforward compared to the overarching task: ensuring clarity of expression. APA tells its readers that “The prime objective of scientific reporting is clear communication. You can achieve this by presenting ideas in an orderly manner and by expressing yourself smoothly and precisely” (2010, p. 65).

We editors do not critique ideas, but the way the ideas are expressed. We will comment not as a subject matter expert, but as a writing expert. Our goal is to ensure that the reader receives the intended message. We do this by upholding high standards of writing.  If the committee advocates for the student as the student–writer, the editors advocate for the reader.