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Get Feedback on Your Writing

What to Expect in a Paper Review

We provide constructive feedback on topics like:

  • Clarity
  • Organization and paragraphing
  • Effective integration of evidence
  • Cohesion and flow
  • Scholarly voice and grammar
  • APA style

We typically focus on just a few topics or patterns to provide a helpful and manageable quantity of feedback.

Paper Reviews ARE

  • For students working on coursework including discussion posts, course papers, master’s capstones, and the doctoral premise and prospectus
  • Individualized feedback from a writing professional
  • Focused on skill building and instruction based on patterns in a student’s draft
  • Written feedback: There is no phone call or online meeting time
  • An optional, supplementary service available to Walden students at no additional cost

Paper Reviews ARE NOT

  • For proofreading or editing (try Grammarly and these Proofreading Strategies)
  • For specific writing or APA questions; for those, you can Ask OASIS
  • For students working on doctoral capstone drafts beyond the prospectus
  • Connected to a university approval process


How to Register and Schedule in myPASS

The Basics
Documents We Review
Register in myPASS
Make a Paper Review Appointment and Attach Your Documents
Join a Waitlist
View Your Scheduled Paper Reviews
Attach a Document at a Later Date
Cancel an Appointment

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