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Writing a Paper: Goal Setting


Starting the writing process is daunting. Some writers prefer to jump right to drafting, whereas others have trouble figuring out what the first sentence should be. What sometimes gets lost in the writing process is the importance of setting writing goals.

Writing goals are a vital part of the writing process. Writing goals establish purpose and connection between small writing tasks and help to develop transferrable skills that enhance performance in the workplace. Writing goals also provide a sense of motivation and accomplishment over time, as you reflect on progress and celebrate small victories.

The following resources are designed to guide you in the development and achievement of your writing goals. Once you have established a clear set of writing goals, feel free to share them with our writing instructors through our paper review appointments, or social media. We are happy to provide additional writing support as well as locate related resources to help you advance your goal achievement. If you have any questions, Ask OASIS.

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