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Webinars: Technical Information

Attending a Webinar

  1. Register for a webinar listed in the Webinar Calendar. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the webinar details and a calendar attachment. You will also receive reminder emails.
  2. Prior to a webinar, run Adobe's diagnostic test to ensure your computer meets the technical requirements for the webinar.
  3. Shortly before the webinar begins, click your attendee link via the email you received from Adobe Connect. If you saved an invitation to your calendar, you can also find the attendee link there.
  4. A log-in screen will open in your internet browser. Provide your name to enter the webinar.
  5. You may be prompted to join via standard view or classic view (see more detail under Technical Suggestions). We recommend joining via standard view.
  6. The webinar room will open approximately 10 minutes before the start time. Once the room opens, you will be placed in a “lobby” view, where you can chat with other attendees until the webinar begins.
  7. >Once the webinar begins, note that:
    • You will remain muted throughout the webinar to avoid background noise.
    • Presentation slides and any other relevant handouts or links will be available for download within the webinar.
    • Each webinar will have live captioning.
    • Writing Center staff will be available to answer your questions via the Q&A pod.

Technical Suggestions

System type and browser

If you are using Windows or a Mac, you can join the “standard view” of the webinar through a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) or the “classic view” through the Adobe Connect Application, which you need to download. You will be prompted to choose which option you prefer when you join the webinar. If you would like to use the application, you can download it via these links:

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer. If you are joining from an older browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) or an older desktop application, you will be prompted to join from a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) or to upgrade to the latest version of the desktop application (see download links above).

If you are using a Chromebook or Linux, you will automatically join a webinar in standard view and do not need to download the application.

Troubleshooting Audio

Choppy or distorted audio may be the result of poor internet connection or low bandwidth.

Some users joining through a browser have had issues with the audio matching the shared slides or not hearing any audio.

Tips to help troubleshoot these or other audio issues:

  • Make sure your computer or mobile speakers are active and your volume is turned up.
  • Close unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Ensure other tabs in your browser are closed.
  • Clear your browser cache, then exit and re-enter the webinar.
  • Exit the webinar and re-enter using a different browser.
  • Exit the webinar and re-enter using the Adobe Connect Application (see downloading links above

Attending a Webinar from a Mobile Device

If you want to join the webinar via a mobile device, you can join through your browser, or you can download the Adobe Connect Mobile app, which is optimized for a small screen. 

Note that the Adobe Connect Mobile app does not& currently support some features, like accessing links or downloading files. You are always welcome to access links or download files from the recording of the webinar that we will post in the Webinar Archive.

Using the Webinar Archive

The Writing Center records and posts all of our webinars in our Webinar Archive.

  • Webinars are organized by category (e.g., Grammar, APA, Scholarly Writing).
  • Click the recording link to view the recording and access the webinar’s PowerPoint slides, relevant handouts, and links provided during the live session of the webinar.
  • Webinar archives are interactive, so you’ll be able to use all the features available during the live session (except for asking live questions of staff).

Tips for accessing webinar recordings:

  • Use the Events Index on the left-side of the screen to jump to a later section of the presentation.
  • Hide the Events Index from the upper right corner of the Events Index (choose "Hide") to make the presentation screen larger.
  • To watch the captioning along with the recorded webinar, open the webinar recording and choose “switch to classic view” at the top-right corner of the recording. Your browser may prompt you to download Adobe’s classic recording software, but if not, you can download it directly.
    • Access captioning for the webinar in the upper-right hand corner of the recording:
      • Adjust the font size or collapse the formatting options to see more of the captioning at once.
      • Choose "Save" to download a transcript to your computer. The transcript will only contain the captioning to that point in the recording.
  • Webinar transcripts are posted within 2 weeks of the webinar, although if you need the transcript sooner than that, please e-mail us at
    • Transcripts are posted under the webinar recording link and contain both spoken and written content of the webinar.

Technical Note: When you open a recording, please press the play icon to start the recording. If the PowerPoint slides don’t display, you may need to open an alternative version of the recording by selecting “switch to classic view.” The recording will re-open in your browser. If it does not, open the recording in a different browser (e.g., Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

If a webinar recording is not loading, try viewing the recording through the Adobe Connect Application instead of your browser. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the recording (right click on the link and select “copy link address” in the drop-down menu)
  2. Download and launch the Adobe Connect application
  3. Follow the prompts to install the app, if you do not already have the app installed
  4. Paste the recording URL into the “Room/content link” field in the app

If you have further issues or need assistance, reach out to