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Webinars: Technical Information

Before Attending a Webinar

  • Review the step-by-step explanations of the webinar registration and attendee process below.
  • Review these attendee instructions.
  • Check the technical requirements for webinars via Adobe Connect’s diagnostic test.

Registering for a Webinar

  1. Visit the Webinar Calendar to view our webinars for the month.
    • Webinars are scheduled in the Eastern time (ET) zone of the United States; if you live elsewhere, convert the webinar’s start time to your time zone on the webinar's registration page.
  2. Click “Register” next the webinar you would like to attend.
  3. A registration form will open in a new tab, asking for some basic information. Fill out this form.
    • Double-check your e-mail address, as this is how you will receive the log-in link for the webinar.
  4. Adobe Connect will send you an e-mail with an attendee link for the webinar, along with technical information.
    • If you do not see this e-mail, check your Junk folder and contact us at wcwebinars@waldenu.edu.
    • Add the webinar to your Outlook calendar by opening the attachment to the confirmation e-mail Adobe Connect sends.
  5. You will receive reminder e-mails about the webinar a day before the webinar, which will also include your attendee link.

Attending a Webinar

  1. At the day and time of the webinar, click your attendee link via the e-mail you received from Adobe Connect.\
    • Check the technical requirements for the webinar via Adobe's diagnostic test.
  2. A log-in screen will open in your Internet browser; provide your name to enter the webinar.
  3. The Writing Center opens the webinar about 15 minutes before the session's start time. Until the webinar is opened, you may be placed in a waiting room.
  4. Once the webinar begins note that:
    • You will remain muted throughout the webinar to avoid background noise.
    • PowerPoint slides, closed captioning, and any other relevant handouts or links will be available for download within the webinar.
    • Each webinar will have live captioning.
    • Writing Center staff will be available to answer your questions via the Q&A pod.

Note: If you have problems accessing a webinar, try a different browser. For example, Chrome tends to block flash, required for Adobe Connect webinars. If you are using a Chrome browser and having trouble accessing a webinar, try opening the webinar in Firefox or Internet Explorer instead. You can also try updating your flash permissions in Chrome.

Attending a Webinar from a Mobile Device

Both iPhone and Android smartphone or tablet users can download a free Adobe Connect app to their device to attend a webinar. Search for the app in your device's app store (iTunes for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users). 

Visit Adobe Connect's website for more information about the Connect Mobile app.

To access a webinar on your mobile device:

  1. Click the access link sent to you in the webinar's confirmation e-mail.
  2. Log into the webinar using the e-mail address you registered with.
  3. Your device automatically launch the Adobe Connect app to allow you to enter the webinar.

Note that some features of Adobe Connect are not supported in Connect Mobile, like accessing links or downloading files. You are always welcome to access links or download files from the recording of the webinar we will post in the Webinar Archive.

Using the Webinar Archive

The Writing Center records and posts all of our webinars in our Webinar Archive.

  • Webinars are organized by category (e.g., Grammar, APA, Scholarly Writing).
  • Click the recording link to view the recording and access the webinar’s PowerPoint slides, relevant handouts, and links provided during the live session of the webinar.
  • Webinar archives are interactive, so you’ll be able to use all the features available during the live session (except for asking live questions of staff).

Tips for accessing webinar recordings:

  • Use the Events Index on the left-side of the screen to jump to a later section of the presentation.
  • Hide the Events Index from the upper right corner of the Events Index (choose "Hide") to make the presentation screen larger.
  • Access captioning for the webinar in the upper-right hand corner of the recording:
    • Adjust the font size or collapse the formatting options to see more of the captioning at once.
    • Choose "Save" to download a transcript to your computer. The transcript will only contain the captioning to that point in the recording.
  • Webinar transcripts are posted within 2 weeks of the webinar, although if you need the transcript sooner than that, please e-mail us at wcwebinars@waldenu.edu
    • Transcripts are posted under the webinar recording link and contain both spoken and written content of the webinar.