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OASIS Writing Skills

Technical Information

This guide includes information about the Writing Center's live webinars and archived recordings.

Attending a Webinar

  • Register for a webinar listed in the Webinar Calendar. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the webinar details and a calendar attachment. You will not receive reminder emails, so we recommend downloading the calendar attachment and setting a reminder on the invitation.

  • Prior to a webinar, join this Zoom test meeting to check your internet connection and ensure your computer meets the technical requirements for the webinar.

  • The webinar room will open approximately 10 minutes before the start time. If you join the webinar before the host has opened the room, you will be placed in a “waiting room” area until the room opens.

  • You may join the webinar from a mobile device via the Zoom mobile app.

  • Closed captioning will be provided during the live webinar. In the webinar, click the Closed Caption button in the meeting controls panel to turn the closed captioning on and off. Read these instructions for moving the captions and adjusting their size.

  • You will remain muted throughout the webinar to avoid background noise. Writing Center staff will let you know if attendees are invited to share their audio and/or video.

  • To change your displayed name, open the Participants panel, hover over your name, and click More > Rename. We also invite you to share your pronouns as part of your name (e.g., Anne Shiell, she/her).

  • Please note that webinars are recorded and shared. Your name, profile image, and/or video will not be recorded unless you unmute and speak during the webinar. The chat will not be recorded.

  • Presentation slides will be available for download from the live webinar. After the webinar, the recording, slides, and a transcript will be available from the webinar archive.

  • To request a certificate of attendance, email  



Choppy or distorted audio may be the result of poor internet connection or low bandwidth. Tips to help troubleshoot these or other audio issues:

  • Make sure your computer or mobile speakers are active and your volume is turned up. 

  • Close unnecessary applications running in the background.

  • Ensure other tabs in your browser are closed.

  • Clear your browser cache, then exit and re-enter the webinar.

  • Exit the webinar and re-enter using a different browser.

  • Join this Zoom test meeting to check your internet connection and ensure your computer meets the technical requirements for the webinar.


Downloading Files

If you are unable to download files from a webinar recording, switch to viewing the recording in Adobe Connect's "classic view." Within the recording, click the information icon underneath the files pod. A pop-up will appear prompting you to switch to classic view. Once you are in classic view you should be able to download the files.

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