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OASIS Writing Skills

Common Writing Terms:
Paper Layout & Word Processing Terms

This guide includes lists of common writing terms used in describing the writing process, grammar, and APA style.

Paper Layout & Word Processing Terms

Hanging indent: Indentation style in which the first line begins at the left margin, but subsequent lines are indented by 0.5”. The reference list uses a hanging indent.

Hyperlink: A URL address that appears in blue with underlining is hyperlinked, meaning that the reader may click on it to access the website.

Justified: Text with a smooth left and right margin, with words stretched. Walden prefers, and MS Word defaults to, left justification, with only the left margin smooth.

Page break: An inserting tool in MS Word that will cause a division in the text, moving the next piece of text to the top of a new page (as in front matter or a reference list).

Section break: An inserting tool in MS Word that creates a page break and also a division in the paper, allowing the author to create new page numbers for that section only.

For additional assistance on using MS Word, please visit the Academic Skills Center's Microsoft Office (Word, PPT, Excel) help pages.

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