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OASIS Writing Skills

Getting Started:
For All Graduate Students

This guide provides starting points for students interested in using the Writing Center.


Are you looking for some resources to develop your writing skills? Whether you are working on presenting your ideas in an academic voice or learning the finer points of grammar, the Walden Writing Center is here to help you achieve your goal. There is no fee to use any of our services.

If you'd like some guided help to find resources for your writing needs, please click on the image below. Otherwise, you can view a welcome video and browse our resources further down this page.

Writing Center Services

I'm New Here

If you are new to the Writing Center, start out just exploring. Why not click links that look interesting, or sign up for Grammarly or a webinar? A good place to get started is with our most used pages:

Ask your fellow students or your instructor what they like about the Writing Center, or send us an email! Once you have a better idea of which services you may be interested in, you can browse more effectively.

I'm Still Learning

If you are looking for more general information about a particular topic, try browsing the site. Maybe you would like to learn more about APA, or you would like to find out about our one-on-one services? Clicking through the sections of our site can help you discover new resources!

Tabs at the Top

The tabs across the top of our site break our content down by specific area: Writing Help (about the Writing Center's many services), Grammar & Composition, Scholarly Writing, APA Style, and About. Clicking a particular tab will bring up resources on each topic.

Left-Side Navigation

Within each tab, there is a left-side menu that functions as a table of contents for that tab.

Once you have a more specific idea of the topic you need information about, you can move on to searching


I Know What I Want

If you already know the specific information you want, try using the search function of our site. Just type a keyword or phrase into the box, and you will pull a list of all the pages on our site that include the search term(s). 

Use simple, specific keywords for best results (for example, "comma" will return better results than "How do I use commas?").

Quick Start

Our homepage also offers a menu of quickstart buttons so that you can quickly navigate to resources like our one-on-one paper reviews, Grammarly, and our webinars.

Didn't find what you need? Email us at