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Office of Student Affairs



Student Resolutions and Judicial Services

Student Life, Leadership, and Engagement

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs!

Walden’s Office of Student Affairs is excited about the diverse approaches by which we educate, empower, and engage all of our students on their Walden journey.  We are committed to engaging and supporting students in and outside of the classroom with programs, initiatives, and opportunities.   We support official Walden student groups and honor societies in the Student Life, Leadership, and Engagement Department and provide career guidance and support to students and alumni through Career Planning and Development.

Student Affairs is organized to support an equitable and positive learning environment and experience for all students.  The Student Wellness and Disability Services Department supports this mission by partnering with colleges, centers, and other administrative units within the university to shape student-centered policies and practices. In addition, Student Resolution and Judicial Services Department support students, faculty, and staff in addressing concerns and providing guidance on reasonable and fair resolutions.

With YOU, as our primary focus, our exceptional team of committed and dedicated professionals look forward to supporting you with pathways that offer remarkable experiences on your journey of lifelong learning, discovery, and engagement. 

Career Planning and Development

If you're looking to change careers or advance in your current one, we can assist you in planning the next steps.

Experiences Abroad

Walden Experiences Abroad opportunities let you explore the history, culture, and customs of other countries with a small group of fellow learners.