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Walden University provides a number of opportunities for students and faculty to engage in established student organizations. These organizations take the form of honor societies, professional organizations, and affinity groups.

Participation in student organizations affords the opportunity to increase your engagement with Walden University, hold leadership positions as an officer, and identify opportunities for networking and professional development. Many of our student organizations have active members that participate in activities such as induction ceremonies, discussions on professional and social networking sites, webinars on professional development topics, research groups, service events, and participation in Walden University’s Center for Social Change activities.



Are you ready to get involved? Meet people, have fun, and make a difference by joining a Walden University student organization.
Find out which of our active student organizations are right for you.



Walden students, alumni, and faculty are doing extraordinary things! Their contributions make a difference in academics, industry, and positive social change!
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