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Video Transcripts

Module Preview: Introduction to Paragraph Development

Last updated 8/21/2017


Visual: The video opens to a slide with the title “Module Preview: Introduction to Paragraph Development,” the picture of a person typing on a keyboard, and the following: What elements make for a strong paragraph?

Audio: The Introduction to Paragraph Development module teaches students the elements of a strong paragraph.


Visual: The slide changes to a slide with the title “This module might be a good fit if you.” As the speaker continues, the following shows on the screen:

  • Have questions about the elements of a paragraph
  • Struggle to begin or end paragraphs
  • Often get off track in individual paragraphs

Audio: This module might be a good fit if you have questions about the elements of a paragraph, struggle to begin or to end paragraphs, or if you feel like you get off track in your paragraphs.


Visual: The screen changes to show a screenshot of the module’s list of tutorials. As the speaker talks about each component, it’s highlighted in the module.

Audio: This interactive, self-paced module includes a premodule quiz, four tutorials, a set of resources, a postmodule quiz, and a certificate of completion. Once you complete the premodule quiz, the tutorials will become available.


Visual: As the speaker describes what the student will learn in the tutorials, sample screenshots of each tutorial are shown.

Audio: In these tutorials you’ll learn what a paragraph is, how to use topic sentences, what goes inside a paragraph, and how to end a paragraph. You will also have access to a collection of our paragraphing resources.


Visual: When the speaker mentions the certificate of completion, an example certificate is shown on the screen.

Audio: Once you complete the tutorials, take the postmodule quiz until you pass with an 80% score, at which time you can save a certificate of completion.


Visual: The screen changes to a slide that says “Questions?”, the same picture of a person typing at a keyboard, and the following: E-mail

Audio: Paragraphs are the building blocks of all academic writing, so it is important to feel confident in developing them. When you’re ready to start learning about paragraph development, register for and complete this module!